A Teachers Life: Mrs Tracey


Emily Sanchez, WHS Reporter

What are your strengths as a teacher?

“As a teacher, I am very flexible, can operate in chaos, and I know a lot about school subjects. I also know how to teach my students basic survival skills about school. Like where their classes are, how to use lockers, etc. I’m also bilingual so that helps a lot.”

What’s your biggest weakness as a teacher?

“Some of my weaknesses are that I have a hard time saying no. When someone asks me for help no matter the time I always do it and my attention is all over the place because I easily get distracted.”

What’s your educational background?

“As for my educational background, I have an elementary degree from the University of Mary and k-12 Spanish, I have a masters in education. and then I have k-12 ESL endorsement.”

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

“I decided to become a teacher because it’s family friendly. I would be able to see my kid more often. I originally wanted to be a meteorologist, but the schedule made it hard to be able to see my family.”

Describe your classroom management structure?

“Honestly, I start with the basics of being prepared and that is my number one rule. The second rule is to listen when I talk. If you can follow those two rules the rest will fall into place.”

How do you use technology in the classroom?

“As for technology, it is a struggle because students from different countries might not have any experience with computers. So I have to work with them individually to make sure they know what they are doing. I also have a rule where all my students need to put their phone in the basket. Most of my students who didn’t speak English said the first English words they learned where “Phones in the basket”.” 

The English language is really hard and all students not just my students, need to learn academic vocabulary. Every teacher has the responsibility of helping students learn. I would love for my students to keep in touch with me and send me pictures, letters, and holiday cards to let me know what they are up to in life. That to me would be the greatest gift.