The New Mega-a-Latte Coffee Shop


Charlie Donner, Tenley Brundage, McKenzie Semrau, and Emily Ehlert

Some of the WHS Journalism team, Charlie, Emily, Tenley, and McKenzie, went to the new Meg-a-Latte to check out the new building that is located next to Home of Economy.  They had an interview with Megan Wold, the owner of the Mega-a-Latte coffee houses, and asked her a few questions about what the new location has to offer and why it was created.

 “Are you featuring any new drinks or food at this new location?” 

Megan Wold: “Trendy items like Avocado Toast, Nutella Bread, Açaí Bowls, Pasta, and new Paninis.”

Why did you open a new shop?

Megan Wold: “I wanted another spot because Williston was growing. New Hope offered a coffee place in their church. Customers wanted a drive-through so we opened one out near the high school. Customers wanted more room and space so Meg opened this new one called ‘the loft.'”