Teacher Feature: Meet Mrs. Dudas and Ms. Heinen


Malia Moss, WHS Reporter

Last week we started our Teacher Feature series and this week I am going to tell you some fun things about Mrs. Dudas and Ms. Heinen who I had the opportunity to interview.  We asked them some general questions (and some silly ones too) and this is what they said:

Mrs. Dudas

  1. Her dream vacation is to go to Thailand.
  2. She teaches Intro to Health Sciences Medical Terms and CNA.
  3. In her free time she likes to spend time with her daughter and husband.
  4. She is from Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Ms. Heinen

  1.  She teaches English 9 and Myths and Legends.
  2. Crossfit is one of her favorite hobbies to do.
  3. Her favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate ice cream with chocolate candy.
  4. She is from Watford City, ND.

Be on the lookout for next week’s Teacher Feature and if you see Ms. Heinen and Mrs. Dudas in the hallway make sure to say, “Hey!”