Senior Night Wrestling


Senior Logan Dangerfield Photo By Angie L.

Last Saturday the WHS wrestling team dueled against Mandan. This also doubled as senior/parent night. The team consists of six seniors, which include Branden Norpel, Van Smith, Quentin Glueckert, Logan Dangerfield, Comstock Krenz, Christian Minton and Claudia Promschmidt. 

The team won the duel (54-25). Pins were made by Cayden Folsom, Aaron Morris, Wyatt Hansen, Kaleb Minton, Branden Norpel and Christian Minton. This was a great way to celebrate senior/parent night. 

Senior Branden Norpel stated, “We started out really strong with really exciting matches. With our two lightest guys starting to lose but being back with the pins, the whole night was ecstatic.” 

Team captain Cutter Jones said, “I thought it was a great way to recognize the years of hard work our seniors have put into the sport and how much they have contributed to the program. Hopefully it will inspire young athletes to continue working hard and putting time into the sport to become not only better athletes but better people. And our seniors are a great representation of what good athletes are.”