WHS Soccer Team?

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WHS Soccer Team?

Rianna Wood and Elizabeth Leko

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Did you know that every Class A school in North Dakota has soccer teams except us? THAT’S WACK!

An interest in a soccer team for WHS has recently peaked within the student body. The possible new sport will be adding diversity to the sports we already have, allowing room for teens to show more skill and individuality. The sports we have right now may not be for everyone; therefore, soccer can grab more students attention into athleticism.

Multiple students have came out and expressed their desire for the team to the Activities Office. Williston has a wide variety of students coming from everywhere, including places that already had soccer. One student in particular has started this movement, Marcela Ramirez.

Marcela Ramirez Interview:

Q: How long did you play soccer before you moved here?

Marcela: My whole life.

Q: Do you think that our soccer team will be just as good as your old one?

Marcela: No, but I mean if we get a good start maybe a couple years from now, like when I graduate we will have a good team.

Q: Where did you play soccer before you moved here?

Marcela: Columbia

Q: How did you contribute to the making of the soccer team?

Marcela: First I talked to Mr. Stebbins, the French teacher, because he likes soccer as well. He told me to make a paper and have people sign it. I went to the Athletics Director (Mr. David Mieure) and showed it to him that a bunch of people actually wanted to play. I kept going with it and he went to the  important people and proposed the idea, then they made a real paper with information on it and now are thinking about starting a team.

Q: What’s your favorite part about soccer?

Marcela: Making the goals!

Q: What is your position in soccer?

Marcela: I usually play mid but sometimes they put me up in front for forward.


Then we talked to the Athletics Director, David Mieure, to get his input on the making of the team:

Q: When will soccer start and how will you announce it to the student body?

Mr. Mieure: It is too early to tell when (or even if) soccer will (ever) start. At this time, soccer is not a guarantee. Many factors come into play (no pun intended). For instance, we need to know how many students are interested…not only interested but who will actually register and play. We need to know if we’ll have enough participation to have both a boys’ and a girls’ team. If we do not have one, we most likely cannot have the other (Title IX). Within this process, we will need to put an action plan together about budgeting, scheduling, staffing, etc. Ultimately, soccer will need to be approved by our School Board. We are collecting information with each passing day. If/when soccer is a for sure, we will let the community know any way possible to spread the word and build those programs.

Q: Would Soccer be a Fall or Spring Sport?

Mr. Mieure: To answer your question, Yes! Ha. In the state of North Dakota and within the the North Dakota High School Activities Association, soccer is scheduled amongst two athletic seasons. Boys’ soccer is played during the Fall Season, girls’ soccer is playing during the Spring Season.

Q: Who would be the coach?

Mr. Mieure: Once soccer is official, WPSD#1 will accept applications internally within the district, and externally within the community and beyond. We always want the best available coach coaching our student-athletes.


The WHS Howl created a poll asking the students what they thought about soccer and if they would join the team as well as attend the games. Here is the outcome:

All freshman, sophomores and juniors interested in joining a future soccer team: Don’t hesitate to contact our Athletics Director. Thank you!

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One Response to “WHS Soccer Team?”

  1. Natalya Deriglazova on April 12th, 2018 6:15 am

    I think adding soccer to high school athletics is a wonderful and a timely idea. Currently it is only offered through park and rec and there is literary no opportunity for kids older than 14 to play the sport they love. I cannot say forH.S. kids but I see a lot of youth who stick with the program season after season for years and play it pretty much round the year, so the interest and the skill is there. The influx of kids from other areas definitely helps too. A lot of them arrive with substantial soccer experience.

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WHS Soccer Team?