2018-2019 Staff

Sean Murphy


Hi! I'm Sean I work as mostly a reporter or writer for The Howl. I'm originally from Texas and moved to North Dakota right at the start of summer. I enjoy working as a writer on The Howl and try to focus on more serious subjects...

Ava Marburger


Hey, my name is Ava Marburger and I write articles for the Howl. Also, I edit, write, and make pages for the yearbook. Go check out my articles on the Howl!  

Noelia Salcedo


Hey! I'm Noelia Salcedo and I'm new to Journalism this semester. I enjoy taking pictures and I hope to expand my skills in photography.

Jude Gabutan

Sports Editor

Hi! My name is Jude Gabutan. I am originally from the Philippines and have lived in Williston for almost 5 years! This is my first year in Journalism and I’ve never thought I would be so interested in writing articles, taking...

Mikayla Evans

WHS Reporter

I’m MiKayla. I love writing and listening to music. I’m in band and I write articles for the howl.

Emily Ehlert

WHS Reporter

Hi. I'm Emily and this is my first semester in journalism. I'm working on photography. I'm also taking part in a takeover and a page for the WHS 2018-2019 yearbook. ...

Daryl Andrada

WHS Reporter

Hi, I’m Daryl Andrada. This my first year in Journalism. I enjoy doing photography. I’m looking forward to writing an article because writing an article is really my strength.

Olivia Dallas

WHS Reporter

Hi, I am Olivia Dallas. I do the announcements and some yearbook. If you have anything you want to be put on announcements, email me at [email protected]  ...

Alissa Smith

WHS Reporter

Hannah Layton

WHS Reporter

Hey! I’m Hannah Layton and this is my second year in Journalism. I am one of two assistant editors of the yearbook. I enjoy taking photos and video production.

Olivia Jones

WHS Reporter

Hi I’m Olivia Jones I write articles and you’re watching Disney Channel.

Kennedy Gerbig

WHS Reporter

Hi, my name is Kennedy, this is my first year doing Journalism. I mainly work on the yearbook. So if you have any pictures you want in the yearbook send them to [email protected]

Corbin Davis

WHS Reporter

Hi, I’m Corbyn Davis and I film, edit, and post the announcements. If you have anything you’d like to be announced, you can email me at [email protected] ...

Marta Cuartero

WHS Reporter

Hi, my name is Marta Cuartero and I'm social media editor, I mainly do Trivia Tuesdays and Takeovers on the Howl Instagram and take pictures for sports. If you are in a sport or school activity and you're interested in doing a...

Dalton McKenzie

WHS Reporter

I assist with editing images and fill in occasionally for the social media aspects of the WHS Journalism Program.

Torrie Johnson

WHS Reporter

Hey! It’s Torrie Johnson from Journalism. I enjoy finding unique things to take pictures of. I’m one of the journalists covering sports; if you have anything you want to highlight just email me @ [email protected]

Katlynn White

WHS Yearbook Staff

Emily Sanchez

WHS Yearbook Staff

Shannon Ring

WHS Yearbook Staff

Hi, I’m Shannon Ring. I enjoy creating the yearbook and writing articles. If you have pictures from any particular sport that you would like featured in the yearbook, please feel free to send them to my email! [email protected]

Shady Pereyda

WHS Yearbook Staff

I’m Shady. I work on the yearbook and will work on social media.

Camberley Lerbakken

WHS Yearbook Staff

Hi, I’m Camberly Lerbakken!! This is my first year in journalism. I specialize in homecoming and senior superlative pages. I like taking pictures, especially sports. If you have any pictures you would like in the yearbook send...

Mackenzie Helms

WHS Yearbook Editor

My name is Mackenzie Helms and I’m the yearbook editor. I have published an article on the HOWL as well as help make sure the yearbook creation and production is running smoothly. ...

Kamdyn Vieths

WHS Howl Editor, Facebook Editor

Hi there! My name is Kamdyn Vieths, I'm a freshman and I moved to Williston from Billings, MT. This is my first year in  Journalism in general, and so far it's enjoyable! I'm one of the two Howl Editors. If you wish to have...

Annika Rustad

WHS Social Media Editor, Reporter

Madison Heupel

WHS Reporter, Yearbook Staff

I work on the sports section of the yearbook as well as taking sports pictures and articles!

Athalia Garcia

WHS HOWL Editor, Facebook Editor

Hey, my name is Athalia Garcia I am co-editor of the WHS How. Apart from editing things on the WHS Howl, I post stories from WHS Howl to Facebook. I also work on pages for the yearbook. 

Jacqueline Tinga

WHS Literature Magazine Editor, Reporter

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Tinga. Y’all can call me Jackie, though. I’m very excited to be a part of this community. I’ve lived here in Williston for about three years, total. I’ve lived along the west coast for the majority of m...

Anna Scallon

WHS Social Media Editor, Reporter

Hey, I’m Anna Scallon. My goal in this class is to get students more involved in school or community activities. If you have an event coming up and want it featured on the Howl email me at [email protected]