New Class: Garage Band!


Dylan Erlandsen

Garage band is one of the new classes offered at Williston High School. This class is for students who already know how to play an instrument and want to be able to learn to play with other people or want to learn more songs and some of the history behind those songs.

This class allows students to play with other students and learn a few new songs. They are also taught about the history of music in fun new ways such as learning a new song and about the band who played the song. They go through the decades learning new songs and about the bands or artists who wrote/played the song. They started off in the ’50s and are working their way up to present times.

Students will often be told to learn a new song to play together and to make a presentation with free reign about the artist or band. Some students have chosen to make a YouTube video for their presentation while others are sticking to things like PowerPoint or Google Slides. Each group has 2-4 people in them for this project. With other projects, they can have up to 6 people in each group.

Garage band hasn’t had any performances yet but is planning on playing after other concerts at the school and have some larger performances later in the year. They will play after choir concerts and band concerts in the cafeteria while serving cookies and punch.

This class is almost a mixture of choir and band. Each group will sing and play their instruments at the same time. It’s a great class for students who like rock and similar styles of music because the students often choose to play those genres of music more and have only studied the rock side of music history so far.

Students also get the opportunity to learn to play and sing at once while playing with other students. It really is a great class and a great way to show creative expression.

According to Kylie Lynde, a student in the class, “It’s my favorite class, man”.