Pro/Con Debate on Trump’s Wall

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The following op-ed pieces are opinion articles submitted by students. The views do not necessarily represent those of the WHS Journalism Program. 

Trump’s Wall and Government Shutdown

by Mikayla Evans

Trump shut the government down for 18 days (now 24 days) because the Democrats are not willing to help fund the wall for the border between America and Mexico, I think that what he doing is a necessary step to take to show them that he is not backing down for his idea of a wall. He said that the government will stay shut down until they decide to help fund his border security. The Democrats say he’s holding to people hostage but really it’s more like the government. He’s tried to make deals with them along the lines of you help fund the border and I will reopen the government, each time they refused and said no. Although he walked out of a meeting with the Democrats the reason being that the meeting was getting them nowhere, it was absolutely pointless because the Democrats are set in their way. They are willing to let the government remain being shut down by refusing to help fund Trump’s idea for border security.

When Obama was in office the Democrats were all for putting up a wall but since Trump was elected they did a U-turn and switched their views and priorities. According to news reports and Trump, Sen. Chuck Schumer was all for putting up a border but yet when trump came into office, he immediately switched his view to not wanting a border. The number of illegal immigrants in 2016 reached an amount of 10.7 million which is 3.3% of the US population. Out of the 10.7 million illegals, 7.8 million of them have taken jobs from US citizens who need those jobs to help provide for their families (Pew Research Center). Illegal immigrants are taking jobs, smuggling drugs and other stuff that is poisoning the US. Trump is trying to help put a stop to it but with the Democrats controlling the House, there’s nothing getting done to help protect what America is all about. With the Democrats in the house and the Republicans controlling the Senate, there is nothing getting done anyway because the republicans and democrats have very different views so what was really being done before trump shut them down? Trump says the longer the Democrats refuse to help, the longer the government will remain shut down. The Democrats need to do what is best for the US and the people of the US. Either give Trump his wall and have the government reopen back up or continue saying no and the government will remain shut down, your choice.

Think about what would be best for the U.S. Nothing is getting done and no deal nor compromises seem to be working, causing a percentage of the U.S to suffer. Congress needs to accept Trump’s deal or things will get worse and more people will start to suffer. The U.S is hurting and in need of the government (not really) and that means the Democrats need to be smart for once in their lives and accept Trump’s deal.

Mexico Should Not Fund a Wall They Do Not Want

by Kristal Medina

Donald Trump first announced his idea of building a wall between the United States and Mexico in 2015. First, the people of Mexico do not have that kind of money. With all the money Trump wants them to pay, they could rebuild their country. Second, Trump had the idea of building a wall, not Mexico. Mexico should not be responsible for building anything. He did not need to make a mess and dump it on Mexican civilians. Putting up a wall on the southern border will not stop people from crossings. Trump statistics about illegal immigration killing people in the US are incorrect. Most murders in the US are from white males ages 18-40. Why should people who want a second chance to make a way of living be oppressed as criminals and rapists?. I have family members very close to my heart who became citizens 2 years ago. They work hard every day. They are not criminals or rapists. People say Mexicans come and take Americans jobs when really they take the jobs Americans are too lazy to do.


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