Conspiracy Theory: Existence of Extraterrestrial Life Forces (Aliens)

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Conspiracy Theory: Existence of Extraterrestrial Life Forces (Aliens)

Jade Nice, Journalist

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Before I begin with the idea that I have personally researched, I would like to say that it is based purely on factual opinion.

This is a conspiracy on the existence of extraterrestrial life-forces (aliens) and their connection to Earth.

Extraterrestrial forces of life have gathered the humorous name of “aliens.” I would use this term for lack of better assumption if I had not known the valid definition of an alien. It is otherwise known as a hypothetical or fictional being from another world (planet). So for the sake of actuality, the term that will be used to describe what we call “aliens” will be extraterrestrial beings.

It is said to have been believed that extraterrestrial life-forces have been discovered and have, in fact, discovered us as well. The theory is that the United States government has covered it up.

Did you know?

Did you know that the FBI has evidence of extraterrestrial life-forces in their declassified documentation? On their website,, there are various different images of documents describing the discovery of extraterrestrial life-forces. It states that, on Earth, we have equipment which, through electromagnetic waves, we can communicate with the outer-space, and any life forces within it.

The FBI has declassified information about the existence and appearances of UFO’s, (Unidentified Flying Objects) as well. In their website, there are images of explicit documentaries of reports made by regular citizens, followed by images captured not only by those said citizens but by the FBI agents who have been researching the subject as well. In these documents, there is a situation in which a man experienced an encounter with a UFO. This man had gone to the news in order to spread the word throughout the nation to raise awareness for his issue. However, this did not fall through due to the fact that the news station had believed he was a lunatic. Therefore, he decided to write a letter to the FBI. After a week or so, a member of the FBI had referred this unidentified man to a special agent who then reached out to him in response; this is what he had to say:

“Doesn’t it seem wisest for you to forbid papers – (No not forbid – but ask the co-operation of all papers) to keep all news of these discs out of the news until we are sure what they are and where they are from? It seems to us that with all the enemies we have, even within our borders, it could be something far more important than may seem at first. Why have the papers carried that story if the reporters were made to see how much more sensible not to report – it only to the FBI.” (

There is no identifiable information in the Bureau’s files concerning the writer of this letter. Despite the fact that this letter refers to “flying discs”, it is not believed that the information is sufficiently important to refer to the army authorities, but rather National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Otherwise known as NASA.

In addition to this, NASA ( has been in a continuous race to space in regards to extraterrestrial life-forces and identification of these beings. As to know what they look like, we are unsure. However, in the question of as of whether or not they exist, that is undoubtedly true. NASA has been researching for not only years but decades in attempts to discover the composition of whatever life-forces are in space. Though we are getting closer, we have only merely heard these characters, much rather than actually visualizing them. However, this is only a piece of what I believe is the truth. Because the FBI and CIA have information which they have not declassified, I am willing to believe that NASA would do so as well.

The theory I have come up with begs the question, “What else is there?” If this is the type of information in which they declassify, how much more information may be hidden within the files of the government in which they are not revealing to the public eye?

I believe that the government is purposely withholding this information in order to prevent us from knowing about the situations in which we have been placed; relating to extraterrestrial life-forces and other aspects in which they conspire with.

There is validation for the theory on the existence of extraterrestrial life-forces that can be found on many different platforms and time periods. In essence, this possibility is highly slim, but I find it fascinating to discover such things in order to tickle my brain stem into an open-minded mentality.

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