I Promise…

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I Promise…

Daryl Andrada, WHS Reporter

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I am the sea and you’re the sky

Where in the horizon we collide

Our hearts deeply speak with rhythm

Decided to live till death do us part.


Promised in front of the heavens

For sun and storms can’t break us even

We’ll face all the tragedies and Edens

Together we stand till our eyes stop winking.


It may be easier to say yet so hard to do

In this world of fakes yet some are true

Let us put tomorrow into memories

Memories full of colors and hue.


We may have separate selves

But we’re bound like book and shelves

We will reach together each others’ dream

And I’ll never be enslaved of failure’s grim.


This could last a lifetime, wish it would be.

In spite of me not speaking about how I feel

How truly deep my love for you underneath

Not even less than how many times I breathe.


And if I fail and break you apart

I’ll let you choose though it breaks my heart

But it will never happen till I die.

For I’m only your friend, and you’ll never be mine.

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