Abuse of The Handicap Accessible Areas

MiKayla Evans, WHS Reporter

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WHS students have been abusing the use of handicap parking spots and the use of the elevator. Students who do need the parking spots and need to use the elevator are being pushed aside and caused to be tardy and very late to their classes. I spoke to one of the students who need the handicap parking and who can not go up the stairs as others can. In the mornings she is not able to find parking especially over by door 21.


The parking spots over in front of the office tend to stay closed because other people are parked in them. Handicap parking spots over by door 6 are different issues. Though some people don’t fully park in them, they do however park over the lines making it very hard to park in these said parking spots. With North Dakota winters it makes walking to the doors very hard due to the risk of falling because of the snow and ice. Some parents park in the handicap spots at school when picking up their children, taking them from the handicap’s parents. They confronted many staff and even the police about this issue but nothing seems to be getting done about it.

Cody, a fellow student who needs the handicap parking and the use of the elevator, is late to a lot of her classes and constantly getting marked for it. Though it is not her fault, the teachers and students can be held somewhat responsible. The teachers should know to let those who have to use the elevator out of class a few minutes before the bell so that they may get to their next class on time but they don’t do that. Instead, they get with everybody else. When that elevator door opens, a lot of students take advantage of getting on and crowding it making it difficult for those who need it to get on. Cody says that she is constantly having to wait for the elevator because of someone taking it. Some would consider this morally wrong because they know that there people who actually need it and they are causing them more obstacles between them and their classes. Though there are some teachers who watch out for the abuse of the elevator, there is many who just let the students get by with it. Cody says that Mrs. Osborn and Mr. Abel help keep an eye on it but not a whole lot of teachers contribute. I think that if the teachers or anyone really, would get involved and help the handicap people out more, that the school would flow a lot easier.

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