Parental Pressure

Daryl Andrada, WHS Reporter

Ever since we were children, we always talked about what we would want to be when we group. We want to be a nurse, doctor, police officers, fashion designer and many more. But as we grow, we slowly realize that these job/career choices play a big role in our lives. There is a lot of pressure to what our career would be, and a lot of that comes from our parents. Does parental pressure play a role in career choices?

Jobs, Careers, Professions…These are the three things most talked about in our childhood. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one of the most common questions asked in our childhood. We all have a career we want to pursue, a career that is unique and will fit us. We always think of this, but we never keep in mind how this affects us greatly or how difficult it would be to get there. But as the hopeful children, we were, our parents were always there to support us.

We’re nearing the age where we will start pursuing what career we want to take. Our parents want us to pursue a career that we didn’t have in mind. There’s this added pressure they give us to supposedly choose the right path for us to have a better future. They are the people who strive to get us through school and have a clearer future and here they are now wanting you to pursue a different career.

Parental pressure does play a role in our career choices. They might make us pursue the career they want or fight for the career we love. Our parents only want what’s best for us. We also need to open up to them on the profession we want and weigh the choice. Don’t let anyone hinder your dreams, fight for your desire. Parents are with us to guide us in the path that we are walking through.