The Question

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The Question

by Anonymous


Many days have come and went since I was nine.

When I questioned myself for the very first time.


I was a young, curious child,

Who always like to have fun and go very wild.

Shy, silent, student I was for my age.

Obedient and respectful, rarely ever raged.


Growing up in a religious home, I was taught from right and wrong.

But is what I was taught really ever right or wrong?


This goes for anything in general, for things never having an answer.

This question goes towards myself, and it grows slowly as a cancer.


Am I being true to myself, or am I just in a phase?

A true question indeed, I stare with a glaze.


Though many people have gone through this, it turning out good or either bad.

Some end up happy, others alone and sad.

Will I end up like this, either happy or sad?


I am trying not end up crying but time is flying and I’m dying to know.

If now is the time to tell, the time to show.


But either I wait to tell my mother, or wait for another day.

To tell her that her son, yes her son, that he is gay.