A Thousand Pieces

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A Thousand Pieces

MiKayla Evans, WHS Reporter/Literature Magazine Editor

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The parts they don’t see

The feelings they choose not to acknowledge

Whether they see it upon its face

Or upon its soul


Dying every night so that another may shine

Caring more of what someone thinks

For a moment, hating itself

Hiding its true self to fit others ideals

For a moment it shines

But in the morning 

Another shall rise


It will always be number two

It’ll always come after

Will always be below someone else.

But never fear


For it is loyal and can always be counted on

If it can’t be enough for you

It’ll always be enough when you need something the most

Whether to hold you while you cry 

Or make you whole again

Just for a while


It will always be there.

Always have and always will

For I am the moon


And I shall shine a light on your path home