Internet access must be limited to students


Daryl Andrada, WHS Reporter

Technology contribute a lot in schools. High School students are allowed to use laptops in class for class purposes. Students usually use internet access in class, to study and to access more information online. Almost all of the school work are online, so students must access online to finish their work. We can’t deny the fact that students use the Internet for their own good. And Internet access is becoming a negative tool for school. 

Internet access allows students to become unfocused. Almost all of the students are hooked up to social media. They are in their social media in school, and they spend almost all of their class time instead of doing class work or studying for a test. During a test, students can use the Internet access to cheat or message their friends for the answer. Students use the Internet to watch videos on Youtube during study hall, instead of actually studying. Students use the School Internet Access to bully other students. If we limit the use of internet access, we also lessen the effect of bullying. Internet access could give the opportunity to access violent, such as school shootings. Most students access the internet for every small information and forgotten to read the book and other classroom resources. The old style of learning had forgotten, even though it is better than the modern style of learning. Students also use the Internet to play games the whole period of class, and this is unfair to the teachers, who come early in the morning to prepare all they need to teach students. Parents should be concerned about this issue or else their children will suffer. 

We are living in this world full of high technology. It’s not bad to access the Internet, but the way we use it is not beneficial to us. We really need to limit the Internet access to students for them to grow and ready for the future.