Unknown Crush

Shady Pereyda, WHS Howl

You move to this new place and start your senior year in high school. It’s your first day and everyone is staring at you. All the girls come up to flirt and ask for the socials. Thinking ugh I might as well put a sign with the info on my forehead for how many people that have asked. It’s like giving fresh meat to wild animals. There’s a girl named Isabella that stood out from the rest and asked you to sit with her and her friends at lunch. You agree of course having no one to sit with but after people hearing who you’re going to sit with they also start asking for you to sit with them. You’re conflicted about whom to sit with based on knowing nothing about anyone. You walk into this class before lunch and everyone is looking wondering who you chose but there’s one person who’s not looking and it intrigued you. You walk up to her and ask her name, and she picks up her head thinking you’re talking to me?  Oh, my name is Sarah. What about you, she says? You say you don’t know already(chuckles). I mean, of course, I know your name, James. You’re the talk of the whole school and even claimed by a popular girl. You ask who’s that? Isabella of course. Damn, I’ve already been claimed on the first day?! Right after that, the bell rings for lunch and Sarah starts leaving but you yell her name and say hey wait up. Would you mind if i sat with you at lunch? You asked, she says i wouldn’t want to make Isabella mad. It’s cool I want to get to know you, you said. She says well i don’t stay here for lunch i leave and go driving. Oh, that’s cool mind if i join? Yeah sure, she says. When leaving with her to her car everyone’s staring and shook. She says I’m not used to this. After a while, you become close friends and always hang out during lunch. You’ve developed a major crush on her but to her, your only friends. You continuously flirt with her but it’s unknown to her. She ends up getting a boyfriend and you never told her.  Later after school, you get something in the mail from her. It’s a wedding invitation in December and it’s from her and the high school boyfriend that stole your crush without knowing. The unknown crush hurts of pain.