“We Will Be Yesterdays News”


Regina Kadima, WHS Reporter

This day never ends for this school like many others, this school will remember all the children they lost, parents will remember the child they lost and students will remember the friends that have gone. Saugus high school has joined the list of all too familiar tragedies like, Columbine, Parkland, and Sandy Hook, which have become so comen that our politics use as a bit and move on to the next piece of recent news. But for those families, that school, Thursday will never be forgotten even if they try. they will remember the dropping of their backpacks, leaving friends, leaving sweaters and running to safety forever. The teen who opened fire at his California high school, killing two students, used a “ghost gun” built from firearm parts. If people can have access to parts to build a gun this easily are we really safe. Is the people the problem or are the guns the problem?