Is life fair?

Daryl Andrada, WHS Reporter

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We all know that life isn’t really fair, because we believe in it. We are living in an equilibrium of life, we need to work before we succeed. If you tried once and failed and you will certainly find that life is unfair. 

Life was not design for quitters, who tried once then easily give up, but it’s more suited for warriors who keep trying until they get what they want. Try to ask some successful people the question, “ Is life fair?” They will surely answer you in the beginning it wasn’t  fair for them but they keep trying until it became fair. Life is a competition and there will be a winner. But losing in life doesn’t mean the end of the world, because life is full of opportunities for you to try again. Life isn’t fair, because we are different from each other. We have our own ability, strength, and talent. Some things really do appear to be unfair, but some things aren’t. We just basically ignore our successes, of which could have been the result of the utmost fair condition, and we seldom attribute to our failures conditions which were fair; instead, we suppose of our failures that if only the conditions were otherwise, we would have never failed.  Fair or unfair, you need to accept it in our life, but the question is how we get through it. 

Whether you like it or note, you need to accept it as part of life and always think that you will manage it to success. Sometimes fair and unfair depends on our perspective, from positive or negative side. Seeing  fair and unfair things in life helps us to be responsible for our own happiness, and being grateful for what we have. 

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