Sometimes there’s just that ex

Shady Pereyda, WHS Reporter

After getting home from school your parents say you need to talk. They say you’re moving and all you can think about is your year-long relationship. You text your girlfriend saying  “ Hey i have some bad news” with an instant response says “WHAT” your thinking how hard this is going to say without bursting into tears. She texts back saying “are you going to tell me or what” and you say “maybe it’d be better in person to meet me at the park in 10”.” okay”.Later at the park when approaching she’s already there waiting for you and runs up with a tight hug. You hold her like it’s your last one. She takes the new neutral because of technology it could be like were still next to each other. Three months later, You’ve turned into a bad kid with unreliable people as friends. You and your girlfriend are still dating, so you decide to have her come live with you in your place. While she starts settling in she gets to meet all your unreliable friends and things start to feel off. She goes and starts spends the nights at her friend’s house a lot for a day straight and your friends start dropping you completely. All of a sudden you get a text from her saying “ we’re done” after being together for so long you think why now. You don’t respond, later that week you find out that all your friends are now her closest friends. She ended up staying with one of her friends to stay in the same place just to bug you. You know she’s doing it on purpose. You start falling off the wagon again not showing up to school and getting into trouble. Eventually, you call it quits. You’ve fallen and there’s no coming back.