Is it more important to be right or to be honest?


Daryl Andrada, WHS Reporter

If you were to ask the question, “ Is it more important to be right or to be honest?” You probably stop a little bit and think before you answer the question. But this question is easy to answer. For me, being honest is more important than being right

People don’t like to be wrong, so they lie to others to be right. It doesn’t sound right, but most of the people do such things. Being right is very overrated, people lie in order to put themselves above others, to make them wrong to appease our own insecurities and ego’s need to be perfect. Some people suddenly making up scenarios that didn’t even happen just to be right People lie to their friends, because they don’t want to  hurt them so they need to lie to make their friends feel better. But sometimes honesty is just another word for rudeness. Honest people tell the truth to their friend even though it hurts, because they want to be real and they care about their friends. In the end, being honest is just about opinions. Being nice is prove to yourself that you still have empathy, and honesty in the other hand is lacking of empathy but it’s the truth.

It’s better to be able to express opinions without hurting other people. However, we can be nice and honest at the same time. Why do we need to put a value on either of them when we can be both right and honest?