15 tips for underclassmen


Erica Schmitz, Jaxon Twete, and Kori Boots

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  1. Don’t Constantly Check your Phone
    • As much as you think that your phone does not affect your grade, it does, put it away during class. 
  2. Care about your Grade
    • You have to care about grades to be able to put your full effort on it. 
  3. Get to Class
    • Don’t say 5 more minutes, go to class, it’s not worth it. 
  4. Don’t Procrastinate 
    • Do it on time, keep your stuff organized to be able to turn in & do your homework on time. 
  5. Pay Attention
    • It’s not going to make any sense if you don’t pay attention, like i said put your phone away, shoot for the classes where your friends are not in so your attention is 100% on what you are doing. 




  • Don’t Crowd the Hallways.
    • If you’re going to stop and talk to friends, don’t stop and talk in the middle of the halls, it makes everyone walking to class mad and possibly late. Move over. 
  • Stand up for Yourself and Others 
    • If you see someone being bullied stand up for them and yourself. 
  • Stay outta Drama 
    • You may possibly be caught up in drama throughout high school. own up to your mistakes. none of it matters after highschool. 
  • Don’t Overwhelm Yourself 
    • If you need help ASK, teachers are more than happy to help. if you’re getting too stressed with homework, take a break for a few minutes then get back to it and work things out piece by piece. 
  • Don’t over Stress it 
    • Homework will still be there if you need a break and drama doesn’t need to be there. walk away from it. 




  • Do your homework
    • Don’t have any missing assignments, that’ll lower your grades if you keep missing work. Just take a little time out of your day to do some work, it doesn’t take that long.  
  • Respect Everyone 
    • If you respect others, you’ll also be respected, also it’s just common courtesy, so be nice. 
  • Choose classes of your interests
    • Choose classes that will keep your attention, choose one you want to learn from so you’ll actually pay attention and work.   
  • Always keep a snack or water with you
    • Sometimes you’ll get hungry or thirsty and it can be hard to pay attention because your mind is just thinking about food or something to drink. 
  • Be prepared for anything
    • Always be prepared for class and keep a pencil on you, you never know what you’re going to be doing that day in class. 
  • Get enough sleep 
    • If you don’t get enough sleep you’ll be tired during class and not take in any information. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.