Conspiracy Theory: Time Travel and Nikola Tesla


Jade Nice, WHS Journalist

Before I begin with the idea that I have personally researched, I would like to say that it is based purely on factual opinion.

This conspiracy is on the idea of time travel and how it may (or may not) relate to Nikola Tesla.

I believe that Tesla was a time traveler who came from the future of the time period in which he lived. I theorize also that he has side effects that were caused by that huge jump in space-time; his “white flashes” before a sudden thought about inventions came to his brain. Because he has an extreme case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it caused him to have certain things in a very specific way. i.e. He absolutely hated jewelry and despised any women who wore it. I theorize that the government figured these things out and rid of the world of him in attempts to cover it up as best they could.

Did you know?

Did you know that Nikola Tesla, during his battle with Thomas Edison over direct current and alternating current, was what most considered “looney” because he believed that aliens existed and that through terminal radio stations (giant satellites on earth) we could communicate with the outer-space long before it became normality? He had also created multiple inventions that benefit us in today’s world, directly from his brain, without any blueprints or sketches, he simply just knew; he attributed this to “white flashes” that would often occur directly before these inventions were imagined. He knew that wireless transmission of power was possible and impulsively built a giant tower in his backyard in efforts to create worldwide wireless transmission – many scientists today still believe that he was correct and attempt to follow in his footsteps. They have discovered that he was, in fact, right. However, they also discovered that the only way for a “Tesla coil” to function properly (in the ideas of worldwide wireless transmission) was for it to be made into a giant tower, which somehow Tesla had already known, but only because of a white flash and a good memory.

He believed that we could illuminate the earth artificially because the gases in the atmosphere could carry high-frequency electrical currents thus causing it to light up due to electrical transmission through these currents. This man even told everyone that he knew the people in the world would pollute the air causing what we consider “global warming” and completely use up our renewable resources, therefore he went on a mission in attempts to create another way to develop renewable energy – he did not want us to run out because he feared it terribly. He created induction motors, hydroelectric power plants, telephone voice amplifiers, and over 275 different patents in 26 different countries. Tesla had claimed that what we call a “death ray” is a possible invention as well and that he had already created one. He said he invented the machine that ran on cosmic radiation.

Although nobody got the chance to actually see them due to the fact that later that year he had been struck by a car and passed away in a hotel in which he had been living. I also find it shady that when he passed, the united states military had rushed to his hotel room and gathered the papers he had describing the inventions he had both already made and perhaps planned to make in the future, and most of them still remain unknown to this day.

Another part of the theory is that the government faked his death, swooped in, kidnapped Tesla, and kept him out of the public eye, but had him help us develop war weapons and advanced technology (because he already believed in it before we did).

Lastly, it is believed that when Tesla actually passed they took a piece of his DNA in order to clone him – which is where it is said Elon Musk may have gotten his intelligent, futuristic thoughts in scientific perception – Elon Musk is that clone, the person he is derived from has many similar beliefs to his own, thus his usage of AC motors rather than DC. Perhaps the inventions that Musk has created are possibly just the lost documents from Tesla’s hotel room.

There is validation for the theory of time travel found on many different platforms and time periods. In essence, this possibility is highly slim, but I find it fascinating to discover such things in order to tickle my brain stem into an open-minded mentality.