Book Review


MiKayla Evans, WHS Reporter

The Divergent Series


This book is about a young girl who’s choice defies what the rest of her life will look like. Beatrice Prior has to take the test, test that decides where she belongs among their society. Whether she belongs in Abnegation, Erudite, Amity, Candor, and Dauntless, she must choose which one she feels as if she belongs. When she doesn’t get the answer that’ll help her but could lead to her downfall, she is left to make the decision on her own. When her choice takes a toll she has to find a way to hide what she really is: a divergent, someone who doesn’t belong in just one category.


I highly recommend this book. It’s full of action and though there is a romance aspect to it, it doesn’t overpower the actual plot to the story. It’s like The Hunger Games mixed with The Maze Runner It is really good and when you start reading it, you’ll not want to put it down or want it to end. It’ll also help you get all your AR points in and then some. If you’re looking for something good to read, this is the book for you. (I would not rely on the movie for an AR test because they are not the same just so you know)


After the fall of Erudite and Dauntless: Tris, Four, Caleb, Marcus, and Peter all go on the run from Jeanine Matthews and the rest of the Dauntless. They hide away in Amity. After the Erudite/Dauntless attack amity looking for the refugees, they’re forced to flee back into the city where the encounter the factionless where they find Fours Mother alive and running the factionless. They went to find the rest of the loyal Dauntless, they go through trials at the Candor faction. The soon join up with the rest of the Dauntless but are shortly attacked.


Though I know this book may sound boring and overdone but it’s actually quite good. If you’ve read the first book you’ll definitely like this. The plot is different than the first which introduces more problems and has more action. If in need of AR points this will help but I recommend reading the first book. (Trust me, the movie is definitely not that close to the book. You will fail the AR test if you rely on the movies for this series)