Opinion Piece: Is Abortion right or wrong?


MiKayla Evans, WHS Reporter

The following op-ed is an opinion article submitted by a student. The views do not necessarily represent those of the WHS Journalism Program. 

Some people believe it is a women’s right to be able to get an abortion if she chooses so. To the people who see abortion as if it isn’t murder believe it be ethically correct. They believe that it poses no threat to the women but the baby does because her body has to incubate it. In Jennifer Wright’s article about how abortion is not murder stating this quote saying, “As for the notion that the fetus is non-threatening—it’s impossible to deny that a fetus poses a risk to a woman, purely because she has to use her body to incubate it.” which means it ultimately the woman’s choice about what she does to her baby and her body.

Abortion is wrong except for special circumstances. In Mark T. Brown’s article he goes and states this opinion, “that the fetus has a future similar in morally relevant respects to the future lost by competent adult homicide victims, and that, as consequence, abortion is justifiable only in the same circumstances in which killing competent adult human beings is justifiable”, which he means that those lost by homicide and abortion are only allowed when killing humans or as he put it “competent humans” is justified and only then will it not be murder. This quote also found in Mark T. Brown’s article states a fact which reads,“The Future Like Ours argument (FLO) would be valid if “future of value” was used consistently to mean either “potential future of value” or “self-represented future of value”, and FLO would be sound if one or the other interpretation supported both the moral claim and the metaphysical claim” which means that when you choose to have an abortion you are taking away a valuable future and you take the opportunity for the child to live. Although he shares how abortion is wrong and how it takes a bright future and a life that didn’t have a choice, whether it lived or died because the mother took it upon herself. Deciding that she didn’t want it, she chooses to kill it instead of giving it a chance at life.

 Although some people believe that killing a child or fetus is acceptable, they don’t realize that when your choice to take that life, that innocent human life, it is considered murder. When you go to get your first ultrasound and you hear that tiny little heartbeat just beating inside of you, how can you kill something so innocent and defenseless? When you think back to when your mother and her mother chose to keep their babies after hearing that heartbeat and seeing it on the screen. They chose to give that child a chance, they gave you a chance. You owe that to your child, you owe them the same chance your parents gave you. Before you go and decide that you would rather kill the child instead of keeping it or giving it up, think about all of the people who would love to have children but they can’t because their body won’t allow them. You have a choice to let the child leave and grow into their own person. Don’t take that away from them because you are scared you believe that you’re aren’t ready, because when the time comes you will be and that child will be the one thing you love the most in this world, think about that.