Tea: Making a Better Lifestyle

Tea: Making a Better Lifestyle

Shady Pereyda, WHS Reporter

Are you more of a tea person or coffee person? If you chose coffee you should switch over to tea! Tea’s better for your body, sleep, and will lead you towards a better lifestyle. You should drink tea instead of coffee.

Tea is better tasting and is not as bitter as coffee. Tea’s antioxidants can help protect the liver and help the digestive system. According to Daniel Coughlin “Drinking one cup a day helps prevent type 2 diabetes.” Diabetes is very common in the U.S. and if tea prevents it then why not drink tea? Tea can also help regulate your REM cycle which is good for your body.

Herbal teas facilitate sleep. According to Tuck, drinking tea can “ . . . mimic the effect of taking a warm bath before bed”. The tea gives a cool feeling and you knowing it is bedtime. It helps you sleep peacefully.

Tea is part of a peaceful lifestyle. According to Dapper Fox, tea can “ . . . decreas[e] these anxieties and stress, helping you live a happier and more productive lifestyle”. It helps calm you and help decrease stress.

Stop drinking coffee and start drinking tea you won’t regret it. It helps you live a better life and allows you to be healthier. So next time when you think of getting coffee get tea instead.