“Happily Ever After”


MiKayla Evans, WHS Reporter

Every girl dreams about their one true love. They sit and daydream about their “Happily Ever After”, the ones that only exist in storybooks and fairy tales. When reality comes crashing down on them, they realize that this is the real world. There isn’t such a thing when it comes to happily ever after. I once read a quote from John Green which read, “When it rains look for rainbows. When its dark look for shores., the perfect description of life. There will always be someone out there, someone who cares for us and loves us no matter how broken or damaged we may be. From the beginning, mankind has always dealt with imperfections. Humankind has yet to learn that heartbreak does not define you. Everyone wants to be happy but to be happy a risk is always required, and every person has their imperfections. If mankind was whole and perfect, we would not have experienced the tragedies that made us stronger and more equipped for what the future would bring.