“Hamilton” Comes to Life!


Shady Pereyda, WHS Reporter

On February 25th, WHS held a concert day for the chorale, concert, women’s, harmonic and vocal jazz choirs. The director, Mrs. Rooke, chose a handful of songs from Hamilton, the Broadway musical, and the choirs combined for the selection of songs. All the choirs showed up early for preparation, practice and final adjustments before the performance. The combined choirs practiced with each other and then enjoyed free time before the concert started.

Everyone was scared of the audience approval for the combined songs.


Here is feedback from some of the singers:

Annika R.: “It was great, I think that it was a more interjected of the modern culture and it was something everyone enjoyed to sing because it is well known by most of everyone.”

Noelia S.: “I thought the crowd was wowed.”

Hannah L.: “I thought it was a unique idea, with well-blended sounds and it sounded really good combined.”


Overall, the concert was well-received by the Hamilton lovers. One guy in the audience, in particular, seemed to be really enjoying it, as he shared a loud “Yeah!” after each song. I feel that our practices paid off and we gave everyone a “Wow!” factor!.