ACT’s (The Stress Of)

ACTs (The Stress Of)

MiKayla Evans, WHS Reporter

On March 12, Freshmen and Sophomores took the Pre-ACT’s. Juniors took the ACT. Students were stressed and worried about not receiving good scores. Some students felt they were prepared and ready to take them but others did not share the same confidence as the rest of their fellow students. The next day I asked my classmates to write down on an index card about how they felt or what they thought about the ACT.




Responses consisted of:


Khaista Rachman: “It was good but most teachers didn’t talk about the ACT’s like math and science.”

Alissa Wolf: “ACT’s are important and I was prepared, Mrs. Osborn prepared me the most, but other teachers like the Math and Science teachers did not.”


Jenna Carnes: “Felt really prepared for the English, Writing, and Reading because we practiced in class”


Hannah Cato: “I felt pretty confident in myself at first. I studied for it and felt I would get a decent score. That all went away when I actually started taking the test. Thinking back on it now, though, I still tried my best and still feel like I’ll get a good score.”


Kealy Wright: “I felt confident for the English part on the ACT. The Science and Math parts were harder because we didn’t have time to practice for them.


Tyrel Ackman: “When I walked into the testing I was very ready and prepared to get the test gong. When I went to the break I saw my girlfriend and I instantly felt better for the rest of the test.”

Anynomouyous Responses:


“I feel like the English and writing part was easy because Mrs. Osborn helped us a lot with it.”


“The ACT was very easy because of the help we got in class.”


“The ACT was pretty easy. The only part I felt like I needed more help with was math. Just a couple of math problems I didn’t know how to do. I think we need another break in between the last two tests and the essay part.”




The response spoken the most when it comes to ACT is that they did not get the preparation for the Math and Science part of the ACT. People struggled the most on those two because of being very unprepared. Reading, English and the Writing parts were practiced and continuously discussed. The preparations spent on those helped students stress less about these three tests. It’ll take about 5-8 weeks for our ACT tests to be graded and until we get those scores, we can focus on other things to keep us busy.