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Kriesha Calderon, Guest Author

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What we have is fun

But we were so dumb

Now what we have is done


I didn’t wanna be committed

But you always insisted

Let’s just say it was twisted


I don’t know how to feel

Hurt or free

Because it’s always been you and me..


It’s sunny

I watch as flowers bloom

Waiting in this room


It’s rainy

I watch as drops fall

Hoping that you will call


It’s colorful

I watch as leaves drift

This whole thing was such a shift


It’s colorless

I watch as flakes fly

Wondering why I still try


All the seasons change

I feel kinda strange


There is one thing that stopped the hurt

I tried not to but I would flirt


It’s weird

The pleasure helps the pain

But the pain makes the pleasure

So in a way it’s okay


I now know what I feel

I feel free

Free to be me

Me, because there is no we


I start to care less

My life finally isn’t a mess

Because you were my stress


I’m glad to say bye

And to another person hi

Sometimes I do wonder why

And if what we had was a lie

But no worries I don’t cry

Because the thought of you has to die

And the thought of me has to thrive

-By Kriesha


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