A Day With the WHS School Resource Officer


Shady Pereyda, WHS Reporter

On an average day, 1-15 kids will come to my office with an issue, depending on the day. My job entails checking emails from work and school. I’m mainly 75% school 25% officer work. I’m also a licensed officer and check case reports for kids. Some days start off with up to 5 things to do before showing up. It’s like living in high school again. Some exciting elements are extracurriculars, meeting new people and building relationships with students. Some kind of issues: Fighting, Cyber stuff, Harassment, Sexual assault, Drinking, Smoking, Disrespect, Domestic, and  Drama.

How supportive are the kids to Officer Celander? 50/50 talking to her different than to other people.

How do parents interact? Parents tend to justify their kids’ actions instead of owning it

Triad: As an officer, we’re reminded to remember to follow laws, education, teaching, community policing, counselor, and building trust. “The idea of respect is for kids to remember that cops are still people.”

The most difficult day of the year has been when there was a shooting by the elementary school. The whole school was at Code Red. In order to get the children with their parents, the school let them out by grades.

How many fights have you dealt with in a day?  Six fights in one day.

As you can see, Office Celander deals with a lot of diverse situations. In order to do her job, she needs the support of students, parents, and our community.

Stop by and say “hi” if you are in the office area. Let her know how much we appreciate all she does.