New Beginnings


MiKayla Evans, WHS Reporter

As the year starts to come to a close

The halls are filled with joy

Last week of school is always a breeze

Our departing seniors

Ready to say goodbye

And say hello to a new beginning

Juniors becoming kings and queens

Prepare to take their place

Sophomores ready to move up

Awaiting their knighthoods

Another step towards freedom

The newly minted freshmen

Just wanting to fit in

All the potential of who they will become


Though seniors have longed for the day they graduate

They are sadly not ready to say goodbye

All the friends and teachers who have become mentors

The new beginnings they’ll have

Make the future appealing

Though they will be sad

They’ll be thankful for the time they’ve had


Juniors awaited the day that they would become the rulers

Changing the rules of the game

Though the senior friends they made

Leave them in the end

New adventures await for both in the upcoming year

They’re eager to graduate unaware of the distant sorrow in the near future


Sophomores go from the peasants to the squires

Hazing the freshmen as the traditions repeat

Praying for the day that they graduate

Soon will be buckling under the pressure of getting good grades

Thinking junior year will be a breeze  

In for a rude awakening


Freshmen finally joining the party

The underclassmen

The peasants

The newbies in a strange new place

A year full of navigating the halls

Avoiding the newly minted seniors

Praying for one safe place


These new beginnings for all

What surprising adventures that await each and every one

Though the change can be very scary

Just know there will always be someone here to help you get through it

Caring and understanding teachers who care for the students as if they were their own

Pushing them to chase their dreams

Pushing them to be the best person they can be

They will always have an extended arm out for each


Teachers like Mrs. Osborn, Ms. Bearce, Mrs. Hall, and every single teacher

Push you to do better and to be confident in what you do

And to be who you are without feeling as if you were an outcast

When in need they will always be there to listen

If in need of a safe place

Their door is always open to all who seek a friendly ear


Just breath and welcome the new beginnings

Only good things will come for those who believe in the impossible…