Welcome Coyotes


Kamdyn Vieths, Reporter

Welcome Coyotes to the 19-20 school year! This year WHS has a few changes to their campus that include a new class, lunchroom expansion, and the student handbook. As students have noticed, a class has been introduced to WHS called ‘advisory’. This twenty-minute class before your lunches is here to provide a safe space to do homework, keep up on school announcements and features, along with giving a designated place to go see councilors, other teachers to get missing work.


This year WHS is cracking down on the use of phones within the classroom. All phones must be placed in your backpack or in your back pocket throughout each class period unless otherwise told by your teacher. The school has a 3 strike rule. The first strike your phone is taken down to the office which you can retrieve at the end of the day, the second strike your parent or guardian has to come to the school and pick up your phone, the third strike your phone is not allowed on campus.

Whatever message you may have received a few minutes before class isn’t worth having your phone taken for a whole day!


This year the WHS Journalism team is accepting early submissions for the schools Lit Magazine! The Magazine is a collection of student art, poems, stories, and will be available to purchase towards the end of the school year. If you have stories you wish to have featured in the Lit Magazine, emails us at [email protected]