The New iPhone 11


iPhone 11 release

Apple showcased the brand new iPhone 11 on September 10th,2019.

The iPhone 11 released today September 20th. The iPhone 11 has 2 cameras, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max has 3 cameras. Apple is always improving their phones and computers. Apple says they have improved the battery life up to 5 more hours on the new iPhone 11 from last years model.

The iPhone 11 has a bunch of new features. The iPhone 11 is waterproof up to 2 meters in water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 11 will also include 4K video for both front and back cameras, with slow motion video for the selfie camera (aka “slofies”) The iPhone 11 has a new ultra wide camera and a new photo filter that’s called Night Mode.

A new phone update (IOS 13) happened on September 19th. The update is only available to people with the iPhone 6s or higher. The update has some new features like Dark Mode, video game controller access and a organizer for apps. The iPhone 11 has multiple colors options to choose (Colors that will be available: Green, Purple, Black, Yellow, Red and White) The iPhone 11 is the best iPhone that Apple has ever built.