Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking

MiKayla Evans, Co-Editor/Literature Magazine Editor

As the sun sets upon the dreary horizon

The dead shall begin to rise once more

As the curse was foretold many moons ago

Eternal damnation for their sins of betrayal


Terrorizing the locals of a very small town 

With a cemetery smack dab in the very middle

Nowhere to flee, left to stand up and fight

The dead of the past begins to descend upon them 


Until there is nothing left but their weary bones

And their lifeless bodies filling the streets

With blood-stained highways


One woman shall rise to the occasion

And continue on the battle for life

Striking the dead down until they can no longer arise 

“I shall not lose today”, she whispered among herself 

As her final foe steps up to the plate


“This shall be your final stand,” says the weary voice of the dead man that stands before her

With a wicked smile, he lurched at her

Clasping onto her blood-soaked clothing

He drags her down the now open portal to hell


She awakens in the small town, with its peacefully silent streets

The birds soon begin to sing

Realizing all was but a dream