Coyotes Win!


Cairo Scott, WHS Reporter

The Williston Coyotes beat the Jamestown Blue Jays 27-21, on Homecoming night. The Blue Jays striked first on the board 0-7 against the Coyotes from an interception early in the 1st quarter. The Coyotes made a drive down the field late in the 1st quarter and tied it up 7-7.

Early 2nd quarter, The Blue Jays scored their second touchdown of the game on the offensive side of the ball, taking the lead again 14-7. The Coyotes made a drive down the football field late in the 2nd quarter with a minute left. The Coyotes scored a touchdown on 4th and goal at the end of the quarter and tied it up 14-14.

In the 3rd quarter, The Blue Jays and the Coyotes scored one touchdown, Tied at the end of 3rd quarter 21-21, and heading into the 4th quarter. Neither team in the 4th quarter could get anything going on the offensive side of the ball until the 4th quarter when the Coyotes scored their third touchdown of the game but missed the extra point with 3:22 left in the quarter with the lead 27-21. The Blue Jays started making their final drive down the field on the Coyotes 47 yard line with 30 seconds to go and no timeouts left. The Blue Jays advanced the ball down the field to the 12 yard line with 6 seconds to go before a Williston Coyote got the game winning sack against the quarterback.