Shadow Alley


Shady Pereyda, WHS Reporter

You’re walking in a dark alley, you keep hearing noises and with short breaths behind you. While you keep walking and turning your head to look behind you, you see nothing and no one. You kept walking and saw something ahead of you, it’s dark with a bad feeling approaching you. You kept moving forward, getting closer to the weird-shaped object and you start inspecting a sheet covering the weirdly shaped thing. So you slowly start taking off the sheet and you see dark stringy hairs with clots of blood stuck in each strand but you jump back in fear when you realize you bumped into someone behind you. You whip around as fast as you can to see who it might be, you recognized the officer that had been following you for about half a block. He’s the cause of all the noises, he said because you looked suspicious for his reasoning. Now I know who I can blame for the murder! He starts putting the handcuffs on and brought you down to the station where you were framed for the murder of a young child with being innocent.