Hidden Away


MiKayla Evans, Co-Editor/WHS Reporter

When you come and go from one another lives

You forget to see what was there in front of you

The feelings you try to bury deep inside because you’re afraid

Afraid of allowing yourself to be happy and to let people in 


When in the past, letting people in meant someone was gonna get hurt

Even when you hoped and prayed that this one would be different

You get the opposite of what you had asked God for

Maybe God put you in these situations for a reason, reasons only known to Him

And no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be sure of the outcome

For there are an infinite number of ways it could go

Yet no matter which path you choose, it all starts with you..


Pain is the cost of living but the constant pain is what’s killing each of us inside

Pain is inevitable

No matter how many times we try to avoid it

Something is bound to come along


But without pain, we would be incomplete

without love and happiness, what is there to live for if pain is the outcome?

Allowing someone into your life

Allowing them to see you for who you are at your worst and best

Shows that not everyone is bad

That not everyone will hurt you

But will love you even with all the damage and shattered pieces of your heart

And will wait for you to heal

Giving you time and space never regretting to fall for you though you’re afraid…


Afraid that if you let him in and see you that he’ll run.

Even when he says he doesn’t care if you’re broken because he’s just as broken as you…