Does school cause stress for teenagers?

Does school cause stress for teenagers?

Cairo Scott, WHS Reporter

What’s the biggest stress-er for kids in school?

Homework and Tests are the most common problem for kids stress in school. Students failures from the past can cause high demands in high school make it feel greater. Students can be frustrated by homework, it can make it harder for them to complete homework or assignments. Tests can also be a major problem in school for kids, Most kids worry about trying to get a good grade in that class.

Life decisions

Some stress for teenagers can be from thinking or deciding about a career path after they finish high school. Most kids worry about college and what courses to take. Some kids also start getting ready for their lives and jobs, careers or the military.

Hard Classes

As students progress through high school or college, Their classes get more advanced and the difficulty of passing rises for the students and can cause major stress. Some students will start falling behind in the classes and end up failing if they don’t stay ahead of their assignments and homework.

Sleep Schedule

Not enough sleep for kids can make it hard or difficult for them to concentrate and learn in school. No sleep can make kids have a harder time to complete assignments or homework. Studies have shown that if the students aren’t getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night are more likely to be stressed out and tired than other students.