Where it all began… (Chapter One, Part Two)


MiKayla Evans, Co-Editor/WHS Reporter

The door flung open causing her to be flung back against the wall, and she fell to the ground clutching the back of her head which was throbbing. She looked up to see a man standing over her with a gun pointed directly at her head. She starts to cry out in pain, begging for the pain to spare her. She snorted and backed away slowly. 

“I promise you this, we will meet again in the future…”, with a crowd smile upon his face hidden among the darkness, she tried to make out his face but she could not. With those final words, he ran out of the house, going through the back door in which he entered. She continued to cry and held her head until she sees something she couldn’t unsee…


She placed her hand on the wall to help steady her so that she could get up slowly. As she finally was able to stand, she moved slowly over to the open door. She peeked around and saw a pool of blood, a big pool of blood. And then she saw it..saw him…her boyfriend lying on the floor. She ran over to him as quickly as her body would allow.

She put her hands on the side of his face and he looked at her with a faint heart. She started to cry more while placing an oven mitt on his wound so that it would stop bleeding. He winced in pain and tried to say something but she shushed him. She quickly grabbed the phone and dialed 911. 



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