Where it all began… (Chapter One, Part Three)


MiKayla Evans, Co-Editor/WHS Reporter

“Hello what is your emergency?” they said calmly unaware of the current situation

“Please I need help, my boyfriend has been shot…” she managed to choke up, shaking as if there was a blizzard.

“An ambulance is on its way, How was he shot and where” they questioned

“He was shot in the stomach…this guy broke into our home and he shot Matthew before running out the back door,” she said trying not to burst out crying again.

“Keep pressure on the wound, the ambulance is almost there” they tried to reassure her but then the line went dead…

“Crap my phone died!” she threw it to the side and kept putting pressure on his wound. 


She has his blood on her hands and she blamed herself for not locking the backdoor even though she swore she had. The sound of the sirens of the ambulance and police cars outside was deafening. They entered through the front door after breaking down, police and paramedics ran in. She slowly backed away from him as they took over and placed him on a stretcher. A cop walked over to her and tried to ask her if she was hurt or if she knew who did this but it was as if the whole world had been placed on mute. 

She soon finally snapped back and could hear. The cop again asked her if she was alright, she clutched her head where it had started throbbing again. He helped her to the ambulance saying to them that she may have a head injury. She got in the ambulance but after that, she can’t remember what had happened. 


She woke up in a hospital bed with a nurse standing above her, checking her charts. She looked around the very white and clean room, no one in sight other than the doctor. “Where is everybody?” she heard herself ask without realizing she had opened her mouth. “Everyone had to go home, it’s half past midnight dear.” the nurse said and looked down at her, gave her a faint smile then walked out of the room. The door was left open just a little but not open enough to see into the hall.



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