WHS Esports Recap


Cairo Scott

First Season

WHS introduced Esports in early October of 2019. 29 students from WHS joined the Esports team and competed in League of Legends , Rocket League, and Smite. The LoL team finished 8-6, making it into the playoffs, sadly lost in the first round of the playoffs being eliminated. Rocket League team A finished 4-3 and came up short at the end of the season missing the playoffs.RL team B finished 2-5 and RL team C finished 4-3. The Smite team finished 5-9.

Coach of the Esports team

Mr. Skinner who is an art teacher at WHS that led the Esports team as their coach. We asked him some questions about the first season of Esports.

  • What were your first thoughts when the season started? Were you nervous?

I was pretty excited.  These were not exactly the games I had in mind when doing an Esports season, but they were good and I was excited to see who was interested in playing at a competitive level.  I wasn’t nervous per say, but there were a lot of things that I didn’t know how were going to work or what was going to happen so I was apprehensive.

  • What was your favorite memory/part of the season?

I have two, the first was when we knew that LoL had made it into the playoffs.  The second was watching the scores coming in and waiting to see if RL team A made it based on the other teams results.  All the playoff math and guessing was kind of fun.

  • Do you want more people to join or get involved with the Esports team?

You bet!  The more people we have interested, the higher our competition level rises!  Even if we end up having to do tryouts, I think that is a good thing for a competitive Esports Team.

Invitation to Bismarck

In late January of 2020, The WHS team was invited from the Bismarck State College for an invitational tournament in Bismarck. 8 students from the WHS team went to the invitational tournament and competed on Feb 21st and Feb 22nd 2020. 5 of the 8 students played LoL and placed 4th. The last 3 players played Rocket League and placed 4th in the tournament.