The Adventure into Online Learning


MiKayla Evans, Co-Editor/WHS Reporter

I’ve asked a few of my classmates about how their online schooling is going and some are having a pretty hard time adjusting. While some are enjoying their newfound sense of freedom, some are finding it harder to keep up with the school work required to be done online when there’s no constant schedule or reminder to let them know what, when and how everything is supposed to be done. 

Seniors are longing for the days where they only had final exams and when the next home games were. Juniors are stuck feeling bad for their senior friends who are missing out on all the stuff they’ve dreamed of, especially prom. Sophomores and freshmen seem to be adjusting okay but still share the same views to a less degree like their fellow upperclassman.


Esmeralda Salazar

I don’t like it. It is harder and not easy to manage. More assignments to juggle but the teachers are more understanding about handing homework in. They understand that there’s gonna be problems with people’s wifi or computers so turning in late work isn’t as bad as it was before.  Its harder to ask for help because of the lack of communication. It’s easier to forget about homework because there is no constant reminder unlike when we used to go to school and have a consistent schedule throughout the day. I hate that we can’t be in school with all our friends and teachers, with only a month left. I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it because assignments are harder and longer. But I do like that we can take naps and sleep in however long we like.


Emery Averett

Well, juggling school and work are like literal hard. Some teachers are using different online resources so it’s kind of hard to juggle that. My work doesn’t understand that I still have school and then most my teachers her making me do more homework than I did in class so that’s kinda difficult and the deadline dates for some of my classes are really complicated like for my weight training class everything is to on a Saturday and then my English classes do every other day so yeah school sucks and I’m senior so it really sucks that I can’t actually be in school and spend the remainder of my high school career with friends and enjoying the last few events before graduation.


Louidel Leonel


Online schooling was gonna be a challenge adjusting for the first weeks. This especially due to all the classes being transferred to online work. The classes are not entirely integrated with technology so it makes things difficult. Although I am getting along well or trying to, the due dates really become a growing issue because it is hard to meet some due dates when they are all scattered about through the weeks. I specifically don’t have every day and all day for homework to be getting done like clock-work and working to meet different due dates make things difficult for me. This largely caused by sometimes the easier tasks and more difficult tasks are placed close together in dates causing friction with available time.