The Doll


Jenna Luthman

Shady Pereyda, WHS Reporter

After school one day, you are walking through the short cut in the woods you always use, but today feels off. As you’re walking, you can hear sounds behind you, you keep looking but there’s no one there. Taking the right corner, you see someone behind you. You try running as fast as you can but they catch up….you turn around to look at the face. It’s a creepy old lady, she grabs you and starts mumbling words.

So confused, you try to leave, but her grip is so tight. You feel a strange feeling in your body and start shrinking and then… You can’t move anymore, the lady picks you up and says, “Hi, baby doll”. She turned you into a DOLL! There’s a sound behind her, and she ran, dropping you on the floor.

After dark, you’re parents got concerned and went looking for you in the short cut. Walking and walking, they find a doll that resembles their little girl. It gave them odd comfort as if it was her. You screaming inside trying to tell them it’s YOU!

Later they never found you and just kept the doll. One day they were watching you as a doll and saw a teardrop from your eye. They finally knew, but you’re stuck forever like this….FOREVER!!