Restaurant Review: 3E Pastry Cafe


This is the Turkish Delight Sampler.

Kobee Gardner and Kelby Caruthers


Last Wednesday, WHS Howl reporters Kobee and Kelby went to 3E Pastry Cafe. The Pastry Cafe is located in downtown Williston. 

We asked one of the employees a couple of questions. Here’s what we learned: 

  • We asked him what kind of food they sell, and he said that they serve Mediterranean dishes, also known as Turkish dishes. 
  • He told us the pastry cafe is owned by his uncle
  • They opened Friday, the 26th of September, but their grand opening is Friday, October 9th.
  • Lunch and dinner are their most famous dishes.
  • Lentil soup with flat bread is the most popular dish for lunch.
  • Lahmacun, also known as Turkish pizza, is commonly eaten for dinner.
  • During the interview we asked if there were any hardships opening during Covid-19 and the employee said no.

Go and try this yummy place downtown! They’d be happy to serve you!