Home Edit “Classroom Edition”


Angie Leija and Anna Isom

     We worked together to complete an organizing task based on The Home Edit System in Ms. Bearce’s classroom.

     The Home Edit was created to help others stay clean and organized. They do this by organizing, labeling, eliminating clutter, and most importantly, maintaining spaces for a long period of time. The Home Edit is a popular Netflix series that takes you behind the scenes with organizing experts who help individuals accommodate clutter in their home. 

     To the side is a before and after picture of our work. We decided to follow the style of The Home Edit and organize our teacher’s bookshelf. As you can see, the order of the bookshelf is color-coded. The color order is red, orange, yellow, green, and blue–like a rainbow. This way students can easily contain the organization of the books.

According to Mrs. Bearce, “The transformation is amazing. Looking at my bookshelf brightens my day and makes me happy. Before, it was just a bookshelf–now, it’s a work of art.”

     The Home Edit is a way to be easily satisfied by results. It’s way more appealing to grab a book off an organized shelf than an unorganized shelf. The home edit has become a very well-watched show. The end results of organizing is a very satisfying factor.