What to Expect for the ACTs This Year


Even though this year there is a pandemic, the ACTs will be the same as last year. The ACTs are on March 2nd on the 3rd floor, and the time is to be determined. The freshmen and sophomore will be taking the pre-ACTs on the 1st and 2nd floors. The average amount of students per class will be 20-25 students. After the test, freshman-juniors will have a lunch break then go to their classes afterward. Mr. Olson still has research to do, but he hopes that the ACTs will be online next year. 


I interviewed some juniors to see how they feel about the ACTs. Most of them said they are nervous and want more time to study for it. “I feel nervous and unprepared. I wish we had a pre-ACT class, even if it only took place after school or on Fridays,” Chiara Marsh quoted. Sawyer Hanson said, “I am a bit nervous about the ACT, but I think with my classes preparing me, it will be easier than I’m expecting.”