Rocket Scientist visits WHS


Brooklyn Ziegler and Joey Dickson, WHS Reporters

Williston high school had a special visitor Wednesday November 17, 2021 at 1:30. He presented his talk “Engineering better worlds” where he addressed topics about space history, the international space station, commercial space flight, the growing orbital debris problem, improving life on earth and much more. He is currently the safety lead for the orbital debris Program Office at Johnson space center. This visitor is Dr. Bacon, a 31-year veteran rocket scientist at NASA, following the footsteps of his grandparents who opened the doors of NASA’s precursor (the NCA) in 1920.

Dr. Bacon has spent his career as a key technical integrator of the International Space Station, and for the last six years, he has been coordinating national and global practices to reduce the production of orbital debris. Dr. Bacon was an amazing visitor and amazing speaker at WHS. We loved having him at our school and learning all these new and cool facts about space and more! A great thanks to Dr.Bacon and his team!!