Business Career Panel

Friday 14th, 2022


Mariana Estrada

Last Friday we had a Career Panel with the participation of Brandon Delvo that works in Marketing, Kay Atteberry that works in the Fire Department, Vern Wilhite a Cosmetologist, Jeff Clarke is an Accountant, Brian Haaland works in Retail and, Rachel Linn is a Financial Advisor and Travel Agent.

Our guests express how most of them have a degree but don’t use it for their career or changed paths. Mrs. Atteberry commented how it is alright to change paths on a career, even if you don’t finish it, having a degree is not essential in your life. Our guests common likes on working in their fields are helping people and experiencing new situations. Advice from Mr. Haaland is to make yourself available if you want to be hired on most careers. Mrs. Wilhite loves to know her job was well done and likes to be popular with the coyote’s students.

Between the Panel, prizes were given randomly for registered students, next time you could be the winner.

Students asked some questions to our guests, this are some of the questions and answers:
Q: How much do you make?
A(Mrs. Wilhite): It depends on how much you work when owning your business, which is similar to working for commission.
A(Mr. Haaland): Is base on your position, a store manager can make around $150,000 annually.
A(Mrs. Atteberry): My salary is public, around $80,000 annually. There are also benefits on medical costs and compensations.
Q: Where does your inspiration come from(for your career)?
A(Mr. Delvo): My Uncle Wally that worked with Phil Jackson (Former NBA Coach), his stories are helpful and humble me.
Q: What are the challenges of owning a business?
A(Mrs. Linn): At first, having your savings when just starting because there are going to be losses. Later, coming to work and being self-started on your own business if you want to succeed.