The New ACTs: What to Expect


Angelica Alexandrou, Reporter

Juniors will be taking the ACT on March 8th, 2022. However, this year will be a different experience for those taking the test. Juniors will take the test online, while freshman and sophomores will be taking the traditional pencil and paper pre-ACTs. On the 1st and 2nd floor, freshman and sophomores will be testing, while juniors test on the 3rd floor. Juniors, make sure to bring your Chromebooks and chargers! Those who also show up late to testing will be escorted to the CTE building to spend the day cleaning, so make sure to be there on time. Freshman and sophomores, make sure to bring your No.2 pencils and calculators. Juniors will be provided calculators on the math section, but may also use their own calculators that follow ACT rules.

We asked some seniors for some tips for testing. Melanie Wells said, “make sure to study your math, especially geometry, I feel like there is a lot of geometry on the test.” Jasper LaDue said, “study, like ACTUALLY study, and make sure to bring a charged calculator because mine died right before the math section.” I also have some tips. Make sure to study important and relevant topics, especially the major equations for math. I also think freshman and sophomore should actually take the pre-ACTs seriously┬ábecause they will be extremely helpful in showing you where you need to improve once you hit junior year!

Good luck next week coyotes, make sure to get plenty of sleep and work hard!