New Superintendent, Dr. Faidley

New Superintendent, Dr. Faidley

Alizabeth Krupka , Reporter

Williston Basin School District hired a new superintendent last school year. The HOWL reached out and got an exclusive interview with Dr. Richard Faidley.

Dr. Faidley has always been a teacher, no matter the environment. He has 7 children and his wife is a North Dakota native. He is from Pennsylvania but has lived in North Dakota before. His father was in the service so he had lived on the base when he was little. He wants people to know “I am here, ┬ámy family bought a home in the community because this is where we want to be.” He also said he is looking forward to being a part of a great community and a great school district.

Dr. Faidley has been a part of schools for a long time now and he loves seeing change and good outcomes for students. He wanted to become a teacher after a pretty amazing encounter with some kids. Although he did not always want to be a teacher or work with kids. He was originally going to school to be an attorney until one school break he went back home and his father asked him to go to the store for him. He was driving and there was a detour in the road he had to take which then ended up taking him by the boys and girls club. It was for students to go for academic help and play sports. He saw kids shooting basketballs outside in 105-degree heat. He pulled over to ask them what they were doing as he had played sports throughout high school and was doing it in college as well. One of his sports is basketball so he had asked them what they were doing out playing in this heat and they told him they couldn’t be part of the city league because there wasn’t a coach, and no uniforms. So he connected with them and became their coach for the summer and got donations for uniforms and they ended up joining the city league. He would also help with their academics in his spare time that summer. Once summer was over he went back to school and had such a huge mindset change, all because he enjoyed being with them helping them, as well as coaching. He said that it was a calling that brought him forward that has brought him a great 30-plus years. He doesn’t ever consider a day of work as work he considers his days at work fun.

We thank Dr. Faidley for his time and dedication he has already put into the district and is willing to give all for the safety and good nature for the kids.